The songwriting team of Kevin Kane and Eric Goodman was discovered by legendary talent scout John Hammond, who heard a production tape of a rock musical they wrote and produced at Yale.  Although Kane and Goodman walked away from a songwriting career in their 20’s, Kane for the world of tennis, and Goodman to become a successful novelist, they never lost their love for a well-made song.  Four years ago, they began working together again, providing material for Kevin Kane and the Grifters (BiCoastal Music), a Hudson Valley band featuring keyboardist Clifford Carter (Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor), percussionist Joe Bonadio  (Sting, Marc Cohen), bassist Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz), guitarist Russ DeSalvo (Sony producer) and backing vocalist Kat Raio  (Mary J. Blige).

Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls says that Goodman and Kane write songs that “Stick like glue.”  Others have described Goodman/Kane songs as smart, melodic, and incredibly sing-able, with the potential to be country or crossover hits.   Listen.